Assorted Water Treatments

Assorted Water Treatments

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NT Labs Pondlab 200 Pond Water Test Kit Acidity pH, Hardness GH, Alkalinity KH, Nitrite NO2, Nitrate NO3, Ammonia NH4
Luscombe Water GardensNT Labs Pond Lab 200 Multi Test KitTest your pond water regularly, DO NOT ..
1 Kg HYDRA BLUE DYE - Water Garden Blue Pond Shade Inhibits Algae/Weed Growth Safe for Use in Natural Swimming Ponds & Swimming Pools
Hydra Blue Water Dye adds natural and vibrant sheen to the water body, transforming a normal water f..
500g Copper Sulphate (Pentahydrate)
Molecular formula: CuSo4 5H20 This is 500g of Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate- supplied in aluminium do..
Agralan M97 Clear Water Barley Straw Bag (Pack of 2)
Pack of 2For clear ponds and water buttsClears algaeTotally bio-degradable - contains no plasticEach..
Algenkiller, Teichalgen, thread algae, Pond maintenance, products Aquarium Pond maintenance product, Green pond water treatment, Maintenance-Medium
Weitz Wasserwelt- Premium- products of the highest quality,Kennenlern set 2 - Swimming pond - Great ..
Anti Algae Pond Treatment Block
Pond Blocks Anti AlgaeWhen placed into the pond this block slowly dissolves releasing di-methyl urea..
Api - Barley Clear - Pond Water Treatment - 237ml
Pond owners have been using barley straw bales and peat moss for years to keep their pond clear but ..
API Aquarium Freshwater GH and KH Test Kit
Tests tap water and freshwater aquariums for general hardness (gh) and carbonate hardness (kh).Helps..
£10.19 £8.98
API Aquarium Saltwater Master Test Kit, 550-Piece
API Saltwater Master Test Kit Tests water four ways to protect marine fish and invertebrates from da..
£29.99 £20.45
API Freshwater Master Test Kit, includes laminated color card, 4 test tubes and holding tray
Freshwater Master Test Kit is a complete kit for testing aquarium water.Tests water 6 different ways..
API Freshwater Master Test Kit, Kit includes laminated color card, 4 test tubes & holding tray
Freshwater Master Test Kit is a complete kit for testing aquarium water.Tests water 6 different ways..
API Pond Master Water Test Kit, Pack of 500
Measures the most important pond levels quickly and accurately. Tests pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Phos..
£34.99 £23.75
BIO AQUATIC BACTERIA BOOST 1KG Bacteria Pond Treatment / Good Bacteria for Ponds
Hydra Bio Aquatic Bacteria Boost biological treatment to boost the natural bacteria levels in your p..
Blagdon 250ml Bio-Activator
Naturally starts essential biological activity for a healthy pondBio FriendlyEssential bacteria esta..
Blagdon 250ml Green Away for Ponds
250ml Interpet Green Away. Green water algae makes ponds look unsightly, turning the pond water into..
Blagdon 25L Professional Ceramic Bio-Media
Ideal media upgrade for all pond keepersHigh surface area with extreme porosityIdeal for systems wit..
Blagdon 500gals Bio Start (Pack of 20)
Sachet All ponds rely on biological waste breakdown cycles to keep them healthy. Bio-Start helps to ..
£77.80 £45.52
Blagdon Bioactive Sludge Control – 250ml
Blagdon Treatment Bioactive Sludge Control 250mlNaturally consumes organic wasteReduces filter clean..
Everybody wants the idyllic pond, nice clear water and attractive plants and fish. The reality is th..
£18.79 £15.60
Blagdon Duckweed Buster – 1000ml
Duckweed Buster from Blagdon provides a effective natural treatment against duckweed in ponds. Duckw..
£37.99 £35.83
Extract of Barley Straw is a bio-friendly pond treatment which is effective at removing green water ..
£34.99 £30.55
Blagdon Fresh Start - 500ml
Blagdon Treatment Fresh Start - 500mlHighly effective treatment to condition tap water, making it su..
£13.10 £11.35
Blagdon Pond Balance - Trade Pack
Interpet Pond Balance Is A Plant Friendly Blanket Weed Treatment Which Ensures That No Harm Comes To..
£191.37 £119.95
Blagdon Pond Balance - Trade Pack
Interpet Pond Balance Is A Plant Friendly Blanket Weed Treatment Which Ensures That No Harm Comes To..
Blagdon Pond Health Test Kit
A Comprehensive And Accurate Solution To Introducing Consumers To Testing Their Pond Water. The Kit ..
£12.99 £12.95
Blagdon Pond Sludgebuster, Each Sachet Treats 500 Gallons of Pond Water (Pack of 4)
Blagdon Treatment Pond Sludge Buster Sachet - 4x9gCreates a healthy clean pond by actively consuming..
Blagdon Pond Test Master Tablet Kit
Pond Test Master Kit-Enables the pond keeper to keep a check on all the vital water qualityparameter..
Blagdon Standard Size Blanket Weed Buster
Blanket weed buster is an easy and 100% natural way to combat the common pond problems of blanket w..
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, 4 kg
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is an award winning product that is loved by koi keepers everywhere. The b..
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, 800 g
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is an award winning product that is loved by koi keepers everywhere. The b..
Colombo Aquatest TESTLAB Professional - Pond Fresh & Marine Water Advanced Test Kit
Colombo Aquatest Test Lab Professional is an advanced, complete test kit with professional dripping ..
Concentrated Beneficial Bacteria for Pond HYDRA LT EXTREME 20KG Winter Pond Bacteria Created for Low Temperatures
Description The Problem Most strains of bacteria in pond and lake water are unable to survive at the..
Dehner Aqua Pond Sludge Remover, 500 g, for approx. 10,000 l
Works twofold with bacteria and active oxygenPrevents the formation of fermentation and harmful gase..
o A safe and natural solution for controlling the growth of duckweed o Contains specific micro-organ..
Envii Annual Pond Treatment – Pond Klear Xtra, Sludge Klear and Nitrate Klear Treat Sludge, Algae and Green Water
This listing is an offer for 1 x Pond Klear Xtra, 1 x Sludge Klear and 1x Nitrate Klear. When used t..
£59.97 £49.99

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