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We offer a choice of products from the most popular official brands and distributors of pond supplies in the UK from Atlantic Pond Supply UK. Only products manufactered by the authentic manufacturer are offered. Product warranties are best handled by the actual manufacturer who will stand by their products. If you have a favoprite brand for your pond supplies and water garden paraphenalia you will find it here as we strive to provide the newest technolgies from the most reliable sources around the world. All products on our website are available to clients in the UK. Choose your brand for more information and products to browse.

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11w (watt) PLS Replacement UV Bulb Lamp for Pond Filter UVC
5w (watt) PLS Replacement UV Bulb Lamp for Pond Filter UVC
9W PLS UV Bulb / Tube / Lamp / UVC Ultraviolet Light
These UV bulbs will fit all major manufacturers. If you are using these UV bulbs for sterilisation ..
Affinity Ice Vent Pond Heater
Floating heater specifically designed to prevent pond surfaces from freezing over, allowing oxygen ..
£39.99 £23.95
Blagdon 1052399 59cm Granite Spin Ball Garden Water Feature
Fully complete kit in one packPerfect addition to any gardenLow power usageSafe and Easy to InstallD..
Blagdon 14000 Force Hybrid Pump
Available within 7 days    * High quality components    * Durable and reliable    * Unique switchabl..
Blagdon 18W Power Compact UVC Replacement Lamp
Blagdon Power Compact Uvc Replacement Lamp 18wClears green water algae quickly and permanentlyHigh o..
£41.99 £31.56
Blagdon 24W Power Compact UVC Replacement Lamp
Blagdon Power Compact Uvc Replacement Lamp 24wClears green water algae quickly and permanentlyHigh o..
£48.99 £37.66
Blagdon 24W Pro UV Clarifier PC for 21,600L Pond
Blagdon Pro UVc have been designed for larger ponds. There are four models within this range and any..
Blagdon 250 ml Feature Algae Control for Water Features
Water features are becoming increasingly popular, they vary from half barrels and fountains to pebbl..
£9.49 £8.46
Blagdon 250ml Bio-Activator
Naturally starts essential biological activity for a healthy pondBio FriendlyEssential bacteria esta..
Blagdon 250ml Green Away for Ponds
250ml Interpet Green Away. Green water algae makes ponds look unsightly, turning the pond water into..
£11.49 £8.99
Blagdon 25L Professional Ceramic Bio-Media
Ideal media upgrade for all pond keepersHigh surface area with extreme porosityIdeal for systems wit..
Blagdon 3500 Midipond Pump to Run Fountains, Filters and Waterfalls (Pond Pump for Ponds up to 1879 L)
Enhance your outdoor space and create a peaceful oasis with a water feature. Create an air of tranqu..
£136.99 £89.99
Blagdon 36W Power Compact UVC Replacement Lamp
Blagdon Power Compact Uvc Replacement Lamp 36wClears green water algae quickly and permanentlyHigh o..
£56.49 £40.97
Blagdon 5W Mini-Pond Duo System 4500L with Mini-Pond 2000L
Blagdon Minipond 4500 Duo System 5wHighly effective five stage filtration system with integrated UV ..
£226.99 £110.26
Blagdon 5W Mini-Pond Filter for 4500L
Minipond 4500 Water Garden Filtration System Is A Value For Money, Compact And Effective Complete Wa..
Blagdon 5W UV Clarifier Replacement Lamp
Maintain your clarifiers superb cleaning abilityHigh output lampsProven reliabilityMade from durable..
Blagdon 65 Koi Air Pump
Koi Air 65 - 65 L/Min - Max Depth 350 cms - 60 watts - Max18 x 50mm air stones at 2 metres 18 way mu..
Blagdon 9W Mini-Pond Duo System for 6000L with Mini-Pond 2000L
Minipond Uvc Filters Teamed Up With The Minipond 2000 To Form The Perfect Partnership To Deliver Exc..
Blagdon Affinity Living Feature Pool, Grand Oval Mocha Weave
160 cm (L) x 104 cm (W) x 51 cm (H)592 L capacityIncludes inpond five-in-one 3000 low voltage pump, ..
£699.99 £469.99
Blagdon Affinity Living Feature Pool, Grand Oval Mocha Weave
Pool dimensions and volume: 52cm (H) x 162cm (W) x 101cm (D).592 litres (130 gallons).Includes inpon..
Blagdon Affinity Octagon Mocha Weave Pool
This great kit includes - PE Rattan panels, fibre-forced liner, shatter-proof windows, waterfall, ho..
£489.99 £299.99
Blagdon Bioactive Sludge Control – 250ml
Blagdon Treatment Bioactive Sludge Control 250mlNaturally consumes organic wasteReduces filter clean..
£11.49 £8.31
Blagdon Clear Pond - 1000ml
Everybody wants the idyllic pond, nice clear water and attractive plants and fish. The reality is th..
£25.49 £15.22
Blagdon Clearview Pond Cover Net - 4m x 3m
Clearview Pond Cover Net Size 4m x 3m (13'6" x 10') Colour black Fine net Complete with fixing pegs ..
Blagdon Clearview Pond Cover Net - 4m x 3m
Blagdon Clearview Fine Pond Net Black - 3x4mProvides protection from predators, such as cats and her..
£17.99 £13.00
Blagdon Duckweed Buster – 1000ml
Duckweed Buster from Blagdon provides a effective natural treatment against duckweed in ponds. Duckw..
£50.99 £26.27
Blagdon Electronic Blanket Weed Controller
Blanket weed is a fast growing filamentous algae. It forms a strong mat-like growth that is not only..
Blagdon Extract of Barley Straw Natural Algae Treatment for Your Pond, 1000 ml
Extract of Barley Straw is a bio-friendly pond treatment which is effective at removing green water ..
£46.99 £30.55
Blagdon Force Hybrid 8000 Impellor
Replacement Impeller Shaft for Blagdon Force Hybrid FH8000 Pond Pump.Complete replacement impellor k..
Blagdon Fresh Start - 500ml
Blagdon Treatment Fresh Start - 500mlHighly effective treatment to condition tap water, making it su..
£17.99 £11.35
Blagdon Half Moon Affinity Mocha Weave Pool
Blagdon Affinity Pools Blagdon Affinity Half Moon Mocha Weave and Black Aluminium Code: 1052498 The ..
£489.99 £349.99
Blagdon Inpond 5 in 1 Pump 6000, 9w
Complete in-pond solution including pump, 4 fountain options, UV clarifier and automatic LED spotlig..
£175.99 £129.09
Blagdon InPond All In One 3000 Foam Set
This is the replacement foam set for the Blagdon InPond All In One 3000 pond filter. Each set includ..

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