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Algaecies & Blanketweed Control
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500g Copper Sulphate (Pentahydrate)
Molecular formula: CuSo4 5H20 This is 500g of Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate- supplied in aluminium do..
Blagdon 250ml Green Away for Ponds
250ml Interpet Green Away. Green water algae makes ponds look unsightly, turning the pond water into..
£11.49 £8.99
Blagdon Bioactive Sludge Control – 250ml
Blagdon Treatment Bioactive Sludge Control 250mlNaturally consumes organic wasteReduces filter clean..
£11.49 £9.40
Blagdon Clear Pond - 1000ml
Everybody wants the idyllic pond, nice clear water and attractive plants and fish. The reality is th..
£25.49 £18.16
Blagdon Duckweed Buster – 1000ml
Duckweed Buster from Blagdon provides a effective natural treatment against duckweed in ponds. Duckw..
£50.99 £26.27
Blagdon Extract of Barley Straw Natural Algae Treatment for Your Pond, 1000 ml
Extract of Barley Straw is a bio-friendly pond treatment which is effective at removing green water ..
£46.99 £19.99
Blagdon Pond Balance - Trade Pack
Interpet Pond Balance Is A Plant Friendly Blanket Weed Treatment Which Ensures That No Harm Comes To..
£191.37 £119.95
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, 4 kg
Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is an award winning product that is loved by koi keepers everywhere. The b..
o A safe and natural solution for controlling the growth of duckweed o Contains specific micro-organ..
Envii Annual Pond Treatment – Green Water Control & Sludge Remover, Includes Pond Klear, Sludge Klear and Nitrate Klear
This listing is an offer for 1 x Pond Klear, 1 x Sludge Klear and 1x Nitrate Klear. When used togeth..
Envii Annual Pond Treatment – Green Water Treatment & Sludge Remover, Includes Pond Klear Xtra, Sludge Klear and Nitrate Klear
This listing is an offer for 1 x Pond Klear Xtra, 1 x Sludge Klear and 1x Nitrate Klear. When used t..
Envii Blanketweed Klear – Blanket Weed Treatment Kills Floating Algae in 24 Hours & Works At Any Temperature - Treats 20,000 Litres
Envii Blanketweed Klear kills surface floating blanket weed with almost immediate resultsWORKS IN AL..
Envii Pond Equaliser – Pond pH Buffer Instantly Balances, and Stabilises pH, KH and GH Levels to Produce Perfect Pond Water – Treats 2,500 Litres
Envii Pond Equaliser creates the perfect water conditions for your fish and is 100%Water conditions ..
Envii Pond Klear Xtra – Pond Green Water Treatments Unique Bacteria Clears Water & Controls Algae Down To 4°C - Treats 60,000 Litres
What is Envii Pond Klear Xtra and why should you buy it? You have probably seen and read the review..
Envii Pond Klear – Pond Algae Treatment Clears Green Water & Controls Algae – Treats 20,000 Litres
Envii Pond Klear is safe for all fish, works as low as 4°C and will leav you with a clean pondBacter..
£18.99 £14.99
Envii Sludge and Pond Klear Xtra - Pond Algae Treatment & Sludge Remover Works Down To 4°C
Pond Klear Xtra & Sludge Klear are unique biological pond products that are 100% safe for fishWhen u..
Envii Sludge Klear - Pond Sludge and Algae Remover, Treatment and Cleaner - Biological Starter That Works All Year (12 Tablets)
Envii Sludge Klear is safe for pets, works in all ponds and is 100% naturalAll ponds will, at some p..
Envii Sludge Klear – Pond Sludge Treatment Removes Pond Sludge & Works Down To 4°C - 12 Tablets
Envii Sludge Klear is safe for pets, works in all ponds and is 100% naturalAll ponds will, at some p..
Envii Winter Pond Treatment – Winter Pond Sludge and Algae Remover – Works as Low As 4°C (9 Tablets)
Envii Winter Pond Treatment is a revolutionary pond treatment designed specifically, to work in the ..
Extract of Barley Straw, removes algae & blanket weed, 1L treats up to 36,000Lts (1L)
Extract of Barley Straw is formulated from organically grown British Straw, under the F.A.A.B (Farm ..
Green Algae +Pond Algae +Green Water Treatment HYDRA CRYSTAL 5Kg Treats up to 50,000L
Hydra Crystal green pond treatment can be used in ponds with good filtration system to Control and p..
HYDRA ST703 - Highly Resistant against Pond Filamentous Green Algae Remover - 20KG Treats up to 400,000 LITRES of Water
Hydra ST703 rapidly starves even the toughest varieties of algae using its unique blend of enzymes a..
Lake Blanket Weed Remover- HYDRA LAKE CLEAR 4 x 25 KG -String, Slime Algae Remover…
Rapidly removes blanket weed, string algae and slime in Lakes and large bodies of water. Usage Rate..
Roughneck 68636 Aluminium Landscape Rake 36-inch
Made from aluminiumIdeal for landscapin applicationsFibreglass handleWide headCan be inverted for fl..
£53.54 £49.98
Trilanco - Copper Sulphate x Size: 450 Gm
For use in animal footbaths. This product will be most effective when hooves are washed down prior t..
Winter Bacteria Treatment HYDRA LT EXTREME 10Kg Pond Sludge +Algae Remover Works As Low As 4°C
Hydra LT Extreme Winter Pond Bacteria Treatment work at 4°C in cold weather conditions. The Problem:..

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